Week 1

Class 1 – Sex and Intimacy

The key to making real change with this program is to DO THE TAPPING !

Self Discovery and Journaling

Taking the time to do these simple exercises will allow you to experience sex-cess
at even a more profound level.

Download PDF of Self Discover and Journaling Worksheets

Your homework assignment this week is to go back to the list of fears and carefully sit with how those that are applicable to you and your situation and tap on each one while simultaneously listening to your inner voice.

That inner voice will lead you to getting more specific and specificity is what super charges the tapping. For example if you find that the statement that most resonates is “I feel scared to tell my partner for fear that they might feel hurt or may be offended” then I would have you try to write down specific times in this relationship or in any other relationship you’ve had when you did hurt someone or they were offended by what you said.

What you must realize that our minds learn by the law of associative memory. The fear that is showing up is most likely related to an event in your past and the more you can tap on the origin of the pattern of fear the more likely you are to completely collapse it.

If at any time you feel particularly afraid, anxious, or sad then continue to tap on the points until the overwhelming emotions subside. You really don’t even need to say anything just keep tapping, and tapping until you feel relief.

Audios of Tapping Sequences

To make this easier and more accessible for you we have separated out the individual tapping sequences for you and provided them in two formats.

  1. Click and Play – Just click on the Audio Player and listen and tap along while you are on this page.
  2. MP3 Download – You can download this to your computer or MP3 player and play it any time.

First Tapping Sequence

Feelings About Not Wanting Sex You May Want To or Not Want To Know

Download MP3

Second Tapping Sequence

Infinite Greatness You Will Begin to Sense

Download MP3

Downloadable Audio and Transcript Class 1- Sex and Intimacy

We understand that you are very busy and may not always have the time to sit down and listen to the complete program at one sitting. Or, perhaps you are really excited about listening to the program a second time. For you, we have taken the extra time to provide you with:

The Sex and Intimacy MP3 audio you can download to your computer or MP3 Player.

Download MP3

The Sex and Intimacy PDF of the Transcript you can print off and read at any time.

Transcript of Sex and Intimacy

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Week 2

Monsters Under The Bed Monsters Under the Bed– This refers to what sexually related memories are lurking around and playing a role in your mind. Emotions that you experienced in the past might still consciously or unconsciously be causing you physical pain or dysfunction, restricting your innate expression of physical love, your sexuality and may be getting in the way of your creating deep closeness and intimacy in your relationship. We will explore the topics of childhood experiences, adolescent emergent sexuality, sexual abuse and past unhealthy relationships.

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