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“My husband thanks you practically every time we have intercourse! 😉 I am so happy with the results. It’s been a complete transformation and healing.”

Toronto, Canada

 You’ve already experienced Class 1…
The next six classes will create even deeper and long lasting change in your life.

Alina and Craig
 We are honored to be your guide
down your
Path to Passion  for the next 6 weeks.

When you sign up for the complete course, you will discover…

  • The # 1 obstacle to successful love making… and how to smash it…
  • How to banish your inner critic
  • How to silence the judging voice of your first grade teacher (or your parents) that persists in your head even today
  • The Top 10 Secrets to maintaining heat in the bedroom once you resurrect it
  • Plus much, much more 
And we want to ensure you there will be:

No laborious processing…

No painful treatments…

     –Just the tools and the “How To’s 

“…you helped me with the demons that have haunted me since childhood”

Miami, Fl


 This program is about giving! 

Giving you the tools for you to really experience and feel :

• The love

• The synergy

• The pleasure of a great physical bond

• A real connection with the one you love

With the ease of this fully downloadable course, you will have nothing to stop you from having the extraordinary relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

“I want to express my gratitude to you in the role you’ve played in my awakening. “

C. F.
Austin, Texas

 Every 7 days you will be given access to your next Lesson, all in the very same format as the one you just sampled.


These will include:

  • 20-40 minute video on these profoundly significant topics
  • Targeted tapping script MP3 audios
  • Full length downloadable audios
  • Transcripts of all programs
  • Downloadable “homework” journal pages
  • PLUS all the additional tools to make it easy for you to listen and tap at your convenience.


These KEY TOPICS include:

Class 2

Monsters Under the Bed
Dealing with your past

Monsters Under The Bed 

Class 3

Mirrors Over the Bed
Healing your body self image issues

Mirror Over The Bed

 Class 4

The Doctor in the Bed
Correcting physical arousal,hormones, disorders

Doctor In The Bed

Class 5

The Priest in the Bed
Working with morals and judgments

The Priest In The Bed

Class 6

The Wired Bed
How stress affects lovemaking and
how to reverse it

The Wired Bed

Class 7

Who’s In Your Bed Now?
Our top 10 tips
for Stoking the Fire
or resurrecting the heat with your partner.

Who's In Your Bed Now

 Imagine what it will feel like
being truly connected to you partner!

People have easily paid thousands of dollars to achieve
the results we guarantee with our program.

So we think you will agree…

Our regular rate of $249 is a real bargain,
but as a special thank you for taking action to enhance your relationship
and trying our 1st Class,
we want to provide you with our Thank You Discount.

We want you to take advantage of our
Thank You Discount!


When you upgrade to the entire 7 class program within the first 10 days of registering, you will save over 60% from the regular price!!!

So instead of $249, it will be only $97!

It’s really a pretty small investment considering “Your Relationships” are probably the most valuable thing you have.

(But don’t worry, if you don’t upgrade within the first 10 days, you will always have the opportunity to order this program at the regular price any time you choose)

Take advantage of all this Program has to offer you and your partner,
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