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Are you tired of looking to advice columns for ways to improve your relationship? Have you tried couples therapy, but feel it didn’t work. Are you looking for a way to bring the passion back to your love life? Then EFT may be for you.

There are many issues that can stop you from having the intimate relationship of your dreams, including:

  • A negative self image that diminishes the comfort level with your own body
  • Painful past relationships (either yours or your partners) that prevent you from expressing an open heart
  • Seemingly physical limitations that have a dampening effect on your love life
  • Communication styles that make you feel unheard or unappreciated
  • Apparently irresolvable conflicts with your current partner that keep you apart
  • Philosophical, religious, or moral beliefs from childhood that may be subconsciously interfering with your passionate self
  • Significant emotional or physical traumas that inhibit you

With the effective use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), you can overcome such issues and see your love life thrive. EFT is a simple method that can easily be learned and applied by you (and your partner) to permanently release the walls that stand between you and the relationship you desire. By using EFT to heal your own emotional blocks, you will have the power not only to shift and change yourself, but also your relationship.

We all have past experiences and present concerns that can stand in the way of loving another and feeling fully loved. We pray these issues would just go away on their own, but they never do. They just keep resurrecting themselves and getting in the way of our ability to surrender to our partner and show them our vulnerable side. EFT is one of the most powerful ways to shift, transform and release such memories and patterns, so they no longer inhibit the fully passionate expression of who you really are with your partner.
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All Seven Classes are led by Alina Frank, an experienced EFT trainer and practitioner, and  Dr Craig Weiner — who have personally experienced the joy and passion that EFT can bring to any relationship

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